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UWH National Leagues
Competitive national circuits organized in several stages.
A French double challenge circuit, also with points !
Each stage qualifies for the final of the circuit and can lead to the UWH Pro League.
UWH Pro League
A competition that hosts the top two teams from the national circuits. For this high level tournament, some of the world's best teams will be invited to participate in the competition
UWH European Tour
The European-wide competitive circuit organized in several stages, each stage allowing to qualify on a weekend for a European grand final
Theme Tournaments
Want more? Theme tournaments (youth, women, depth, master ...) throughout the year. Of course, Theme Tournament also means a big party ...

Our slogan : Everything that happens in the Theme Tournament stays in the Theme Tournament
A digital platform
- Pro Tours
- Theme Tournaments
- Management of administrative documents (certificates, QRcode ...)
- Registered players & teams
- Rules
- Results
- Statistics on players / teams / competitions
- Create your profile
- Join a team
- Manage / Create a team
- Register for a competition
Our will through these new competitions
Play more, all year round and for everyone
Taking underwater hockey to a new dimension
Offer high level, thrills and fun
Bringing the competitions on another level through an exceptional
mediatization device
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