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UWH National Leagues
Competitive national circuits organized in several stages.
A French double challenge circuit, also with points !
Each stage qualifies for the final of the circuit and can lead to the UWH Pro League.
UWH Pro League
A competition that hosts the top two teams from the national circuits. For this high level tournament, some of the world's best teams will be invited to participate in the competition
A digital platform
- Pro Tours
- Theme Tournaments
- Management of administrative documents (certificates, QRcode ...)
- Registered players & teams
- Rules
- Results
- Statistics on players / teams / competitions
- Create your profile
- Join a team
- Manage / Create a team
- Register for a competition
Our will through these new competitions
Play more, all year round and for everyone
Taking underwater hockey to a new dimension
Offer high level, thrills and fun
Bringing the competitions on another level through an exceptional
mediatization device
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